Yeah…. that’s me… the one to the right….me

I like technology, a lot. Not in some creepy overflowing box filled with useless gadgets from yesteryear filling your Mom’s basement kinda way. More in a technology is one of the few truely human endeavors that has pushed our evolution to where it is and where it’s going kinda way.

I’ve been doing this computing thing for a little over 30 years. My first computer was an Osborne Executive, and it only got worse from there.

I eventually ended up with a MSc. in Archaeological Information Systems from York (I miss the Pubs), turning me into a not only a Computer Geek, but also an Archaeology Geek, Data Geek, Map Geek, and just generally added to the deep levels of Geek already well established.

So now I work at the Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa and mess about will all things Sciencecy and Technologygy(!?). Anyway, it all means I get to engage with my passions and work with really cool old and new stuff.

Doctor Who over pretty much everything, and then in no particular order Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, Black Adders, etc…. you get the point.

So welcome other technology using chimps, hopefully you find what you’re looking for….